Get to know Daphne
Born: Great Falls, MT 8/23/81
Has lived in: Montana, Colorado, California, Arizona, Georgia, Virginia, Florida, Louisiana
Siblings: Sandy, Crystal, and TJ
College Degree: Music Business and Hospitality Management
Job: Server at Pappadeaux (6 years w/ company) and Producer Intern on The Gello Show w/ Nina Cruz 101.1 The Beat (1 year w/ company)
Hobbies: Acting, Writing Music, Writing a book, Video Games, Traveling, Reading
Reason she wants to marry Mario:
“He makes me so happy. Our conversation and laughter never stops, we always fun, we can talk out everything, and he makes me a better woman. He is the most wonderful man I have ever met and I can’t wait to have a family and a future with him.”

Get to know Mario
Born: Victorville Air Force Base 10/4/85
Has lived in: California, Illinois, New Mexico, Germany, Arizona
Siblings: Kolin, Shari, and Hunter
College Degree: Computer Technology
Job: Internal Auditor at Uhaul (10 years w/ company)
Hobbies: Reading, Video Games, Basketball, Traveling
Reason he wants to marry Daphne:
“This young lady has been an inspiration to me since the day that I met her. Her outgoing personality, her want to make those around her happy, and her drive to always be better, are just a few things that I adore about her. She has made me a better man in so many ways and I love to make her happy. I just can’t see a future without her in my life.”